Thursday, June 25, 2009

Results for Race #3 (Solitude #1)

Thanks everyone, another wonderful turnout! Great weather, great trails, and fun had by all. Here are the results for this weeks racing.

Next Wednesday we will be at Solitude again, we will absolutely be racing the same course. For the 3rd race at Solitude we are may incorporate some of the new Bess trail, should be fun.

We have not confirmed the Tuesday night make up event at Deer Valley yet. Stay Tuned.


Mooddude said...

You guys are doing a great job with the series.
It would be great if you used the new trail at Solitude! That way it won't be lost to the weeds since no one seems to be riding it.

Only one comment - can we break up the Sport Men class to have 2 different starts? Same class, but maybe have everyone with a number under 100 to start in the first group and every with 100+ to start on the second wave?

lukeskiutah said...

two Sport heats? maybe single speed in one (for pace) and multi-gear in another.

Jride said...

The Sport group is massive, it would be hard to split simply due to the timing, etc. I've been thinking we may start way back at the West end of the parking lot - try to thin it out before the single-track. We will put our thinking caps on to try and resolve the issue.

StupidBike said...

large race catgories are great for the sport, no need to split them up, it also helps the individual learn good race strategy, pacing, passing, etc... Or move up:)