Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Race Wednesday Night!

The last race of the 2009 Mid-Week Series is upon us sadly enought. These races have far exceeded what was originally envisioned for them, so thanks to everyone for supporting them. Our goal is to be back with these next year!

Payout and points, I'm sure everyone read the handbook posted at the beginning of the year - if you didn't, and missed the first couple of races in Park City, you probably have not clue that only the top 8 races count towards your points. So, because of the missed race with the weather, if you raced all the races you will drop you worst finish (1 race). The results posted in the entry prior to this one should be accurate now, take a look and see where you stand.

We are pleased to announce payout is going to be the exact same as it was last year, even with missed races and increased expenses. Here is the payout table:

Payout Schedule 2008 (SAME FOR 2009)

Expert A: 1. 550 2. 450 3. 350 4. 130 5. 105
Expert B: 1. 475 2. 375 3. 275 4. 130 5. 105
Expert Wmn: 1. 550 2. 450 3. 350 4. 85 5. 85
Sport Men: 1. 400 2. 300 3. 200 4. 150 5. 100
Sport Women: 1. 400 2. 300 3. 200 4. 85 5. 85


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Updated Results 7/22/09

Here are the updated results, sorry for the delay - hopefully this addresses all the issues. If not, please let us know.

Update July 22 Results

Additionally, you should check out these images shot by Zazoosh - here is the link!

See everyone Wednesday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Results Posted for July 22nd! Finale Next Wednesday!

Better add up the points, next week is the big final event! Check the overall result here.

Wednesday, July 22 Mid-Week Results!!!

We will race the same course again next week, I think everyone liked it. Don't forget you number plate for the number plate drawing, Grand Prize this year is a mid-week season pass to Solitude Mountain Resort. Series cash will be handed out after the race and there will still be the big SWAG drawing as usual. Thanks to our cash sponsors - Coke/Full Throttle, Peak Fasteners, Young Riders and Basin Recreation.

Next week is the last event, but, mark you calendars for 3 more races - we don't want your fitness to slip as you prepare The Park City Point 2 Point (
Event 1: August 12th @ The Canyons
Event 2: August 19th @ Deer Valley (Silver Lake)
Event 3: August 26th @ Park City Mountain Resort
These will be stand alone events, no point, no big production - just good clean fun. The course will be a little longer and challenging than our Mid-Week Series races. The times will all be the same for these races: 5:45 Registration and racing at 6:30PM sharp, as there will be no kids races at these events.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Double-up Week Results

Undoubtably legs are tired are you partook in both of the Mid-week series events this week. The courses were demanding for sure, it'll get everyone ready to rock at the Snowbird Icup race tomorrow.

Thanks again to Deer Valley for hosting us last minute, it is a great venue.

Here are the results, both races are included as well as points info for the entire season.

Keep in mind there will be 3 events in August, one at each of the 3 Park City Resort. Dates and details will be posted in the next week or so.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Results for Race #4 (Solitude #2)

Another great turn out Wednesday night, touch and go on the weather for a moment but we persevered! Below are the results for our 4th event, the second night at Solitude Mountain Resort.


We will be racing at Silver Lake, which is upper Deer Valley. Access Silver Lake by the Guard Road (HWY 224) which heads south out of downtown Park City.

Same time, 5:45 for sign up, kids race at 6:15PM and main event starts at 6:30PM.

We have a great kids loop, in the trees with a ton of fun single track. They will hopefully love it.

The main event is going to climb up homeward bound to the holding pond, and then descend Sunset. Should be a really fun course, especially the downhill.

Tuesdays event will be brought to you by Jan's/White Pine.

Stay tuned for more information - Thanks Everyone.