Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Race...with Details

First of all, my apologies for the confusion on tonight's race details. Deer Valley, in graciously trying to help promote the event, picked up the information from the last race held at the resort by us (part of the mid-week series) - so there were inaccurate details.

We had a fine turnout, and I hope everyone enjoyed the big course and wonderful Deer Valley trails.

Official Information for Next Weeks Event:
Location: Park City Mountain Resort (lower lot at the bottom of First Time Lift)
Registration: 5:45PM
Race Time: 6:15PM
Course: TBD (definitely a multi-loop shorter course though)

NOTE: There will be no Kids Race at this event, also, we will keep it simple as we the last two races - Mens/Womens categories, everyone does the same distance.

Thanks for the support, we will see you at Park City on Wednesday night.

for those unaware - there is a 50K race at Snowbasin this weekend. Visit their website and browse in the event section. Looks like a really good time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mid-Week Racing at The Canyons

We had a great little turnout for our mid-week fun race at The Canyons. We rode up Ambush to Short Swing and then Down Holly's. 4.25 mile loop with a plenty-pak of climbing.

Next week we will race at Deer Valley, looking at hitting a super loop type race (something with Team Big Bear in it???

Meet at Silver Lake - Registration starts at 5:45 and we will MOVE START TIME UP to 6:15. Get there early so you don't miss the start.

See you there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Race Time...again!

LOCATION: The Canyons (behind Smokey's)
COURSE: Up Ambush to Short Swing and down on Holly's (Laps TBD)

There is not a kids race at this event.

See you there hopefully - -

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Three More Races...

Race 1 @ the Canyons on August 12th (race starts up behind Smokey's)

Same time 5:45 registration/6:15 Start

Two Classes: Open Men/Women & Novice Men/Women

Races will be a little longer (a little, not a lot), Points - what points? Come out, race, have a good time, get an Otter Pop - go home. Oh yeah, and stay in shape so you can race the Park City Point 2 Point.

Race 2 will be held at Deer Valley and Race 3 will be held at Park City Mountain Resort.

See you there.

The Final Results Are In.....

First of all, I want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors, without them we'd be...just another race on a weekday!

So, a very special thanks to our cash contributors.
Coke/Full Throttle
Peak Fasteners
Young Riders of Park City
Basin Recreation

Our product sponsors included the following brands.
Skull Candy
Revolution Bike in Salt Lake City
Jans/White Pine of Park City

Please visit check out the official season end results here right here.


Season Champions (The BIG $$$ Winners)

Men Expert A Shannon Boffeli
Men Expert B Scott Morrison
Expert Women Erika Powers
Sport Men John Griffiths
Sport Women Brittany Kener
Beginner Men Drew Palmer-Leger
Beginner Wmn Haley Batten
Youth 10 - 12 Luke Knight
Youth 9 & under Elise Francis

Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Race Wednesday Night!

The last race of the 2009 Mid-Week Series is upon us sadly enought. These races have far exceeded what was originally envisioned for them, so thanks to everyone for supporting them. Our goal is to be back with these next year!

Payout and points, I'm sure everyone read the handbook posted at the beginning of the year - if you didn't, and missed the first couple of races in Park City, you probably have not clue that only the top 8 races count towards your points. So, because of the missed race with the weather, if you raced all the races you will drop you worst finish (1 race). The results posted in the entry prior to this one should be accurate now, take a look and see where you stand.

We are pleased to announce payout is going to be the exact same as it was last year, even with missed races and increased expenses. Here is the payout table:

Payout Schedule 2008 (SAME FOR 2009)

Expert A: 1. 550 2. 450 3. 350 4. 130 5. 105
Expert B: 1. 475 2. 375 3. 275 4. 130 5. 105
Expert Wmn: 1. 550 2. 450 3. 350 4. 85 5. 85
Sport Men: 1. 400 2. 300 3. 200 4. 150 5. 100
Sport Women: 1. 400 2. 300 3. 200 4. 85 5. 85


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Updated Results 7/22/09

Here are the updated results, sorry for the delay - hopefully this addresses all the issues. If not, please let us know.

Update July 22 Results

Additionally, you should check out these images shot by Zazoosh - here is the link!

See everyone Wednesday!