Thursday, July 2, 2009

Results for Race #4 (Solitude #2)

Another great turn out Wednesday night, touch and go on the weather for a moment but we persevered! Below are the results for our 4th event, the second night at Solitude Mountain Resort.


We will be racing at Silver Lake, which is upper Deer Valley. Access Silver Lake by the Guard Road (HWY 224) which heads south out of downtown Park City.

Same time, 5:45 for sign up, kids race at 6:15PM and main event starts at 6:30PM.

We have a great kids loop, in the trees with a ton of fun single track. They will hopefully love it.

The main event is going to climb up homeward bound to the holding pond, and then descend Sunset. Should be a really fun course, especially the downhill.

Tuesdays event will be brought to you by Jan's/White Pine.

Stay tuned for more information - Thanks Everyone.


jon said...
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Steve said...

Course for tonight??? Are we going to be using some of Bess trail via silverfork canyon trail? or will a new/not on the map connection be made? Thanks!