Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Week 2 Results

75 racers showed up for Week 2, so I guess it is safe to say the word is out! With the increased ridership, we are going to be able to increase the payouts for each class. We'll get the new amounts published in a week or two, but for now, keep racing and keep growing that pot!
A really cool side note, is that we had 17 kids race in our kids race, with Coner, Tucker and Cale winning in their respective classes. Several families came all the way up to Solitude just so their kids could race, which is great. I hope this trend continues and more and more little racers come out each week.
Here are those results.


Team Rico said...

Who can we contact about wrong results?

Rhonda said...

The first week womens sport was off by exactly 3 minutes. This week it was 1 minute.

Nick Como said...

I think the minute you guys think we are off by is due to the staggered starts. The sport class started about a minute behind the Pro Class and Expert Class. We have way too many racers to adjust the times for each class because of the staggered start. The times posted are the official time on our stopwatches when racers come through the gate. Hope that helps.

Team Rico said...
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