Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 6 Race Results

The results are in!! Over $2500 in cash awards was paid out to the top three finishers in each class. The winners are:

Pro/Expert Men's - 1. Alex Grant, 2. Blake Zumbrunen, 3. Bob Saffell
Pro/Expert Women's - 1. Erika Powers, 2. Lara Kendall, 3. Jen Hanks
Sport Men - 1. Guy Morneault, 2. Brandon Hennessy, 3. Andrew Hypio
Sport Women - 1. Amanda Sherrod, 2. Rhonda Hypio, 3. Lyna Saffell

Thanks again to all the sponsors that helped the series be a great event - Full Throttle, Revolution, Canondale and Solitude Mountain Resort. See you next year!!!

Click here
for week 6 race results.


Utah Superfly said...

Can you post the times from the week 6 race?

Anonymous said...

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