Friday, June 29, 2007

Race Course Stats

For you techno guys and gals out there, here are some GPS track files to help you along. Use these to pre-ride course, pull off some stats, or just mentally prepare.
Google Earth

Here are some stats:

First loop=3.9 miles
Each add'l loop=3.3 miles
The start of the race is a mass start on a two-track to begin the singletrack, thus the longer distance for the first loop.
So, the Beginner Class rides 3.9 miles, Sport Class 7.2 miles, Pro/Expert Class 10.5 miles.

Start Elevation = 8,104 ft
Top Elevation = 8,707 ft

Climbing (first loop) = 870 ft. / (each add'l loop) = 746 ft.
Beginners climb = 870ft.
Sport = 1,616 ft.
Pro/Expert = 2,362 ft.

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